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Aqua Farm Nusantara (a member of Regal Springs Group), PT


About: Regal Springs Indonesia (PT Aqua Farm Nusantara) is part of Regal Springs Group, the world’s largest vertically integrated producer of tilapia. Regal Springs Group has production sites in Indonesia, Mexico and Honduras, conscientiously harnessing the clean waters of rural areas to produce a consistently high quality product. Regal Springs sells into all segments of the market in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. It offers a range of tilapia products, under its zero waste policy, including fish scales, fish oil, fish skins, fish meal, filleted and whole fish. As aquaculture gains in global importance for food security, Regal Springs stands out as an industry example of balanced farming. The company is certified by the highest standards in the industry, and is recognized for going above and beyond in supporting and growing healthy communities through its public health, educational and infrastructural initiatives.
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