Making Invisible Hopes Come True

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Making Invisible Hopes Come True

For Children Who Are Born And Raise Behind Prison Bars In Indonesia.

“Every child has the right to live in a free world, protected, loved, and happy. Not living behind prison bars and being treated like a prisoner.”

(Lamtiar Simorangkir, Director / Producer film “Invisible Hopes”)


Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that many children had to be born in Indonesian prisons or brought to prison and then live alongside their inmate mothers who are serving their sentences and are being treated like prisoners.

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Our Mission


In Indonesia, not many people know about or pay attention to these children. Lamtiar Simorangkir, along with her filmmaker community named Lam Horas Film, felt compelled to help pregnant inmates, especially children who are born and raised behind prison bars. Therefore, they have made a documentary film titled “Invisible Hopes.” The film takes a closer look at the lives of pregnant inmates and the children behind prison bars. Through this film, they hope to raise awareness and move the hearts of society and the Government to pay more attention to pregnant inmates, especially children behind prison bars.

They hope that the film can open a safe space for discussions in order to find better solutions. Therefore, this film was made as an impact campaign tool to raise awareness and advocacy for the rights of children and pregnant prisoners in Indonesia. The film was not made to vilify certain people or certain parties nor to blame them.




“Invisible Hopes” has won the most prestigious film festival in Indonesia, Festival Film Indonesia, and also Piala Maya, for categories of Best Feature Documentary and Best Directing for First Feature Film. During the awarding night of Festival Film Indonesia, when the Director/ Producer of “Invisible Hopes,” Lamtiar Simorangkir, was receiving the award, she asked everyone who attended and watched the event throughout Indonesia even boldly asked President Joko Widodo, who attended the event, to do something to save the children who are born and raise behind prison bars.

Award night and news coverage:


What Has Been Done


Since the shooting in 2018, Lam Horas Film has started to raise awareness and impact campaigns for pregnant inmates and children in prison. Currently, they have succeeded in reaching thousands of Indonesian people and related stakeholders. Through film screenings and discussions, lectures, and talk shows, they informed about the existence and challenges faced by pregnant prisoners and children in prison. Then, encourage the society and Human Rights Commissions to take part in helping and fulfilling their rights. The most important thing is to remind the Government that there are children who are the future of our nation who have become invisible victims in adult prisons that need to be saved, and that is the responsibility of the Government.

So far, Lam Horas Film has successfully carried out an impact campaign roadshow in 17 provinces in Indonesia and even abroad. The Impact Campaign roadshow has succeeded in producing recommendations and has been submitted to 8 Governmental institutions. They have also tried to help provide for the daily needs of babies and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in prison.

Submission of recommendation to Government event:


What’s Now?


Currently, Lam Horas Film is continuing its impact campaign and advocacy. This is done by following up on recommendations that have been submitted to the Government and building multi-stakeholder networks to jointly carry out concrete follow-up advocacy. Lam Horas Film is also making a sequel film that will uncover the heartbreaking reality of these children’s lives after they leave prison. This second film also will be used as an impact campaign and advocacy tool. They are also continuing to help provide for the needs of children and mothers in prison.


Who We Are


Lam Horas Film is a volunteer-based filmmaker community that makes films independently to raise important issues with the goal of bringing better change in Indonesia and hopefully also around the globe. They also have made other films that raised important issues, especially regarding women's rights, children's rights, and tolerance in Indonesia.


What We Are Looking For

In carrying out every activity, Lam Horas Film relies on funding assistance from various parties. Currently, we are looking for collaborators, support funding, donations, CSR, sponsorship, etc.  


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