Revitalization of Sustainability: Indonesia Sustainability 4.0 Network Connecting Corporates and SMEs through Visionary Collaborative Efforts

  • The Indonesia Sustainability 4.0 Network connects corporates and small to medium enterprises, with a focus on sustainable development. These efforts are aligned to the SDGs, mainly, promoting women leaders in sustainability (SDG 5), improving access to clean water (SDG 6), clean energy transition/net zero (SDG 7), as well as reduction and/or reuse of plastic (SDG 12).
  • This initiative has a significant impact on Indonesia by driving economic growth, preserving the environment, and advancing social progress, promising a lasting positive influence on the nation’s landscape.

Jakarta, September 26, 2023 The Swiss-Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (SwissCham Indonesia) officially launched the Indonesia Sustainability 4.0 Network today at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) Lounge (26/09/2023). The launch ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including H.E. Olivier ZEHNDER, Ambassador of Switzerland to Indonesia, Timor Leste, and ASEAN, Yanuar Nugroho, Ph.D., Coordinator of the National Secretariat Expert Team for SDGs, Arsjad Rasjid, Chairman of KADIN who virtually provided a keynote speech, Catharina Widjaja, Chair of international relations of APINDO, and Christophe Piganiol, Head of SwissCham Indonesia’s Sustainability and Innovation Sectoral Group and President Director of PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari, and distinguished guests.

Around 90 companies and SMEs demonstrated their unwavering support and commitment to the Indonesia Sustainability 4.0 Network by participating in the ceremony and the pledge signing as its launching symbolic. This symbolic act signifies their dedication to sustainability and their visionary approach to collaboration.

The network will feature comprehensive and continuous programs, including educational sessions, training, workshops, project collaboration, and matching business needs. Indonesia Sustainability 4.0 Network will facilitate activities and initiatives related to the above-mentioned SDGs, including but not limited to recognition through awards programs, knowledge sharing, networking events, and collaborative projects. Bolstered by an unwavering commitment from all stakeholders, this network stands as a testament to the unyielding dedication towards sustainable development in Indonesia.

The outcomes of these activities will manifest in collaborations that drive positive and bigger impacts in four key areas: promoting women leaders in sustainability (SDG 5), enhancing access to clean water (SDG 6), advancing clean energy transition, and achieving net-zero emissions (SDG 7), as well as reducing and reusing plastic (SDG 12).

“Collaboration between all sectors, including civil society (academia, etc.), public sector, and the state is not only necessary but urgent to successfully achieve the universal 2030 SDG goals,” said H.E. Olivier Zehnder, Ambassador of Switzerland to Indonesia, Timor Leste and ASEAN.

Chairman of KADIN Indonesia, Arsjad Rasjid, who virtually provided remarks at the launching ceremony of the Indonesia Sustainability 4.0 Network, said that "today marked a significant stride forward for Indonesia and Switzerland as we inaugurate the Indonesia Sustainability 4.0 Network. The Swiss-Indonesian relationship, built on the shared principle of neutrality and prosperity of our people, serves as a testament to the possibilities when two great nations collaborate."

Chairwoman of Indonesia Employers Association (APINDO) and Coordinating Vice Chairwoman III of KADIN Indonesia, Shinta Kamdani, also said that “sustainability is not a solo journey. Sustainability success can be supercharged through collective action, which is the key to a sustainable future. It is about shared responsibility, how we all work collectively, building networks, and action-oriented collaboration among industries as the implementation of SDGs 17: Partnership for the Goals. This network is the extended initiative of B20 Sustainability 4.0 Awards along with other partners with the objective of accelerating the implementation of SDGs. Through this network, KADIN, as the voice of business sectors, is committed to being part of the solution to bridge the substantial gap of the required funding to implement the SDGs.”

‘The concept of establishing the Indonesia Sustainability 4.0 Network is rooted in the unwavering commitment of the B20 Sustainability 4.0 Awards committee, a prestigious event held in the preceding year, which saw the participation of over 700 individuals from corporations and SMEs. Many SMEs possess brilliant ideas but lack funding and opportunities to scale, resulting in limited impact. Conversely, corporations have platforms and substantial funding. With this platform, we hope to bridge the gap and create an even more significant impact.’ said Christophe Piganiol, Chair of the Indonesia Sustainability 4.0 Network, serving as Head of Sustainability & Innovation at SwissCham Indonesia and the President Director of PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari.

As an example of such a collaboration, Lazada Logistics, the Winner of the SDG 12 Category from last year’s B20 Sustainability 4.0 Awards, has launched a Sustainability Academy with several key partners for their ecosystem of sellers. During the launch ceremony, Lazada Logistics signed an MoU with Modalku to be the financing partner for the Sustainability Academy, which aims to cultivate sustainable growth in the digital commerce ecosystem by empowering SMEs with the necessary mindset and knowledge to future-proof and transform their business towards sustainability.

The Indonesia Sustainability 4.0 Network extends a warm invitation to businesses of all sizes and industries to join this transformative movement. By becoming part of this community, your company can actively shape a future where sustainability prevails, prosperity knows no limits, and Indonesia emerges as a shining example of responsible and visionary leadership.

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ADVANCING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN INDONESIA: FOCUSING ON GOALS 5, 6, 7, AND 12  by Yanuar Nugroho, Expert Coordinator, National Secretariat for SDGs Implementation, Ministry of National Development Planning