Febinda Azizirrochimawan

Febinda Azizirrochimawan

Jember State Polytechnic - Agricultural Enginering

Intern at PT Bühler Indonesia

For me, an internship is an experience that will never be forgotten. From the internship experience, I can know and feel what the real world of work feels like. I got an internship opportunity in semester 5. I interned at PT Buhler Indonesia workshop, Pasuruan. PT Buhler Indonesia is a company engaged in fabrication and sales of post-harvest machine tools and animal feed processing. 

At that time, I was able to intern at Buhler because I got the opportunity to select internships offered by the company. Of the 5 applicant students, I am grateful to be accepted as an intern there. When I understood that only one person could intern there, I felt a little surprised and nervous because I felt that at that time there were no friends who could help me adapt, in contrast to my friends who interned in groups.      

During the first week of my internship, I realized that the internship itself was not as bad as I thought. The employees there can all accept my presence, maybe by interning alone this also makes me understand about the world of work because when we work later, we may not be able to choose the place and with whom we work and must be able to quickly adapt to the work environment. 

During the internship I gained new experience and knowledge that maybe I could only get during the internship. I gained knowledge ranging from technical drawing, fabrication, QC, service roll and die. I also experienced visiting directly one of Buhler's customers in Gresik. There I was also accompanied by experienced and skilled people in their fields which made me feel easy to understand the knowledge provided. During my internship I was also able to learn how to live socializing with Buhler employees on a 24-hour basis. Because I also got a mess that became one with employees. 

Time passed and my 6-month internship contract was about to expire. That's when I felt that at first, I wanted to finish quickly and just go back to college but was made to realize in the end that this internship experience was very important for my provision for work later. Little by little I understood the joys and sorrows within the corporate environment. All these lessons I learned from the internship.